How it works

Filesale is the easiest way to sell digital downloads online. You host your files and use Filesale to create simple "buy" button and link scripts which you paste into your website or share via Social Media.

Your Customers simply click the relevant link. Filesale does the rest.

We process the payment via Paypal and, once payment is successful, allow the purchaser to download the file from your website via our website, so the file's location on your server is never exposed. Cool.

We charge 20% on each sale. So you get 80% of each transaction immediately - directly to your PayPal account. There is no sign-up, no monthly fee and no contract. Plus you control your files at all times. More cool.

We also have a simple API. You can Filesale digital products from within your own website. Coolest.



You can Filesale from within your own website/application using our simple API. Two endpoints are available, to return either a link or complete button html.

Get a Link

Get a Button


Authentication is not required, though we recommend storing API responses in your own application to avoid rate limiting.

Requests are made by sending JSON data to either of the endpoints in the form of a POST request.

Sample JSON post data

{"name":"Product name","price":"20.00"

Currency codes are USD, GBP or EUR.

Filesale provides all responses, both successful and unsuccessful, in an easy to work with JSON data format. Check out the examples below.

Successful request: Response with Filesale link

Unsuccessful request: Response with error message

,"error":"The file is not reachable at that URL"}


To help you get started we've provided some sample code and links to Filesale plugins

Sample code
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